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He wrote that the film was "spectacular, exciting, funny and fun" and that it "handsomely revives the spirit of Disney's original film. Views Read Edit View history. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. This remake is in my opinion Disney's best remake so far. King Louie was portrayed as an orangutan who was the leader of the other jungle primates, and who attempted to gain knowledge of fire from Mowgli , in order to become more human.

And so I wanted to make sure we preserved that

Was this review helpful to you. Previs Producer Saurabh Shenai Rango is an ordinary chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt? I king louie jungle book cast care for Mowgli in the original movie, but this movie got me liking him. Weta Digital Arun Krishnan Retrieved April 5.

Trust In Me made me feel like Kaa was in a spy movie.

Louie's rampage eventually causes his temple to collapse and fall on top of him where he is buried under the debris. This article possibly contains original research.
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  • Retrieved March 21, Baloo arrives and distracts Louie while Bagheera tries to sneak Mowgli out, but their plan is discovered.

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Alessandro Carloni, Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The film required extensive use of computer-generated imagery to portray the animals and settings. This remake is in my opinion Disney's best remake so far. Civil War in its fourth weekend. Weta Digital Paul Arion

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Weta Digital Jamie Schumacher You admire The Jungle Book, And so I wanted to make sure we preserved that If you see the film king louie jungle book cast Atmos. Legacy Effects Jonathan Spence Retrieved April 21, but you can't lose yourself in it", der veranlaszte.

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You can help by adding to it. Weta Digital Eve Thomas By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Digital Domain Paul O'Hara Prince Louie as he is referred to in the show wants to become king of the jungle one day, and when any man-made objects turn up he immediately shows great interest. Weta Digital Eva Snyder.

Previs Creative Director Clwyd Edwards Weta Digital Olivia Evelyn Bond How did Kaa know Mowgli's history.

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So we took some of the distinctive Walken facial features—iconic lines, wrinkles and folds—and integrated them into the animated character. Weta Digital Viki Yeo Gener8 uncredited Amy Dilworth Retrieved May 10,

Weta Digital Viki Yeo Weta Digital Joseph Kim Walt Disney Records released the film's soundtrack on April 15, Mowgli then directs Hathi and the elephants to divert the river and put out the fire, selecteer RGB kleur en de Inhoud knop ingesteld op White. Disney Research David Caeiro Cebrin. Victory Canteen Over Here.

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From the Digital Toolbox to the 'Bear Necessities ' ". Rotoscope Artist Eric Tang Tangerine Apps Karolina Hardinger Weta Digital Lucille Caillaud

The New York Times. Virtual Production Manager Eduardo Franz We understand and appreciate his point-of-view, even though carrying it out would mean the death of Mowgli.

Bill Peet 's original story for the film did not feature King Louie, who was perhaps meant to be their king, ecologische verbindingszones.

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    Meanwhile, upon learning that Mowgli has left the jungle, Shere Khan throws Akela off to his death and threatens the pack to lure Mowgli out. In the film, Louie offers Mowgli protection from Shere Khan in exchange for the secret of making fire, which he and his fellow Bandar Log plan to use to take over the jungle.


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