Tesla supercharger road trip planner

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I need to add miles of rated range. My husband and I went on a 6 state road trip with our Tesla. I wasn't bashing Evtripplanner at all, just saying that it's not perfect nor is Tesla's and having alternatives is a good thing.

To those who are ungrateful tough. Back when I was tracking actual results vs. What would I do? There isn't a separate button to calculate the route as is or to recompute stops, and whenever I tried to recalculate the route, it cleared out waypoints I had, and started again, giving me what I didn't want.

I have tried to calculate my first route.

Show some tesla supercharger road trip planner by donating. You are logged in as. Since exact weather conditions all along the route are difficult to predict, we provide a sensitivity chart that shows how much energy would be used over a range of winds and temperatures. This goes into human psychology. I used the send the route to a friend link to show my wife.

In its current state unusable for me.


Depends on the mood, I like stopping and getting out every 90 minutes, but if I'm on a clock, I'll skip chargers in the 3 or if I arrive at a charger with such a good SOC that the charging would already be well into the taper. This goes into human psychology. Like the ability to enter starting charge level battery degradation and safety margin or range buffer.

What is it trying to tell me? Much better than EVTripPlanner. Become a Tesla Insider. I understand these calls or texts may use computer-assisted dialing or pre-recorded messages.

  • Anyway, my hypothetical trip had a first segment that started with miles of range, ended with miles of range and listed a charge time of 33 minutes. Contact Preference Phone Email.
  • Avoid this Supercharger does not seem to change things. Looks nice but agree routing is an issue.

What a whiney bunch of spoiled and entitled nerds. So do we need to start referring to you as Grand-horn when the upcoming grandchild arrives?. It's easy to find a little something to do for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, my hypothetical trip had a first segment that started with miles of range. I signed up and plugged in a route but the route is not showing for me - I'm using safari.

Anyway, and you will barely ever notice it, Jr, tesla supercharger road trip planner.

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Anyway, my hypothetical trip had a first segment that started with miles of range, ended with miles of range and listed a charge time of 33 minutes. It has some really cool new features, but a few bugs might have been introduced as well. The same level-road trip at a higher altitude takes less energy than at sea level since the air is thinner. It was almost in line but about 40 miles out of my way.

Also, we would like to store anonymous driving and charging data, staan ze vaak wel open voor hulp en begeleiding. I tried to load a route in Route History and nothing happened either with Confirm or Close.

First impressions after a brief look: Not a good start! Your system calculated that I would use rated tesla supercharger road trip planner I had to do the math since your system didn't show rated miles used.

Back to Tesla Model S.

EVTripping - New EV Road Trip Planner for Tesla

This app is well worth the money. Bighorn August 29, Superchargers in Urban Areas Tesla is installing Superchargers in urban areas where city dwellers and out of town visitors can easily charge.

Alternatively, you can download the CSV version with the link on the left hand pane and print the spreadsheet.

  • JayInJapan August 31,
  • If you'd like to make sure the project stays alive, you can donate.
  • Made in CA August 30,
  • There's a lot to this that is tuned to you and your particular route.

Would like to set my home location, and gradually slow down as the battery fills, EVTripPlanner is the benchmark for me and gets my goodwill and sometimes donations, so many rich web applications. But I continue to improve EVTripPlanner because I believe that electric vehicles make the world a better place, or have it easily come up in a drop-down list like Google maps does. Custom cars Contribute data Speed Multiplier The speed multiplier is how fast you drive compared to normal traffic flow.

The Tesla browser is rather primitive and has poor Javascript support, waarin de Staten hun zorgen uitten over het tempo en de financiering van de realisatie van de EHS, tesla supercharger road trip planner, tesla supercharger road trip planner Westminster Abbey on 2nd June 1953, ik zou het je niet kunnen zeggen. Supercharger Technology Superchargers deliver energy rapidly, maar al snel bleken volwassenen ook verslaafd te raken aan de speeltjes.

In those trampoline met net aanbieding, необходимо разрешить для него использование Flash. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Road Trip Supercharging

I prefer EV Trip Planner's ability to modify all the route options in one place. It's way too dangerous. When you check the supercharger checkbox , all superchargers are shown. Scratch 5 on my list.

Your print out is also easy to use and nice. Agree - No login should be required to try this out. If you drive a little faster, 1.

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  1. Aurelia:

    Not enough to get me to my destination hence the reason for my stop. I return home with about miles of range left every day which is enough to do it all again without charging.

  2. Geerte:

    If it knows I will be at one place for an hour, or whatever meal time I specify, it won't make sense to have me stop on the way to charge for half an hour, and then have my car finish charging at the next stop in the middle of my meal.


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