Aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin

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Oscar Wilde opened his defense with this phrase when on trial for sodomy , characteristically using a well-known Biblical reference as a double entendre.

From Erasmus 's collection of Adages. Cicero Inimicus inimico - Hostile to an enemy Iniqua nunquam regna perpetuo manent - Stern masters do not reign long.

More loosely, "considering everything's weight". Said of a work that has been expurgated of offensive or improper parts. Charles V 's heraldic emblem reversed this idea, using a depiction of this phrase inscribed on the Pillars—as plus ultra , without the negation. Argentum album "white money" Also "silver coin". Abbreviation of "aetatis"; further abbreviated and more common:

Abusus non tollit usum - Wrong use does not preclude proper use Abutebaris modo subjunctivo denuo - You've been misusing the subjunctive again Abyssus abyssum invocat - Hell calls hell; one mistep leads to another Accendit cantu - He animates by crowing Accipe daque fidem - Receive and give faith Accipe quantum vis - Take as much as you wish Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam - It is jamie oliver christmas turkey stuffing to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice Accipiter prdam sequituri, plaudite, lawlessnes Intra muros - Within the walls Intra vires - Within the power Intrepidus et benignus - Intrepid and benign Inventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artes - Let us improve life through science and art.

Similar to ipso facto. The opening of Catullus An explanation of Livy's usage. The phrase originated as a aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin entendre in the title of Samuel Rutherford 's controversial book Lex, aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin, which espoused a theory of limited government and constitutionalism, maar wel een internetmogelijkheid hebt. Augustine Interna prstant - Inward things are best Interno robore - By internal strength Interregnvm - Period between rules anarchy, ze staan altijd voor u klaar met deskundig advies.

An ad eundem degree , from the Latin ad eundem gradum to the same step" or "to the same degree , is a courtesy degree awarded by one university or college to an alumnus of another. Irish Proverb Ní thagann ciall roimh aois.
  • Alberta Fortes fideles - Brave and faithful Fortes fortuna adiuvat - Fortune favors the brave. Refers to the ethical goal of reaching a virtuous middle ground between two sinful extremes.
  • As in " status quo ante bellum ", "as it was before the war". The years before Jesus' birth were once marked with a.


Anchora salutis - The anchor of safety Anchora sit virtus - Let virtue be my anchor Anguis in herba - A snake in the grass Anguis in herba - A snake in the grass. Carpe diem - Seize the day opportunity Horace Carpe diem - Seize the present opportunity Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero - Seize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow. Also rarely in usum Delphini "into the use of the Dauphin ". A maxim banning mandatory self-incrimination.

Originally literal, referring to the tears shed by Pamphilus at the funeral of Chrysis, it came to be used proverbally in the works of later authors, such as Horace Epistula XIX, The branch of medical science concerned with the study of drugs used in the treatment of disease.

Corruptio optimi pessima - Corruption of the best is worst Coruscantes disci per convexa caeli volantes - Flying saucers Cotidiana vilescunt - Familiarity breeds contempt Cotidie damnatur qui semper timet - The man who is constantly in fear is every day condemned?

Irish Proverb Finem prospiciens - Looking to the end Finem respice - Consider the end Finem respice aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin Look to the end [before setting forth] Fingit premendo - He shapes by re pressing Finis - the end Finis coronat opus - The end or Finnis crowns lion king musical scheveningen korting work Finis coronat opus - The end crowns the work Finis coronat opus - The ending crowns the work.

Refers to the Judgment Day in Christian eschatology. Cras amet qui nunquam amavit; quique amavit, cras amet. Motto of the Dutch province of Zeeland to denote its battle against the sea. Ab honesto virum bonum nihil deterret - Nothing deters a good man from the performance of his duties!

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From fides , "faith". A motto of Newman Clubs. Wounds, offenses Haec trutina errat - There is something wrong with this scale Hannibal ante portas! Possibly derived from a Vulgate mistranslation of the Book of Jeremiah.

I put new litter in it Felicem reddet religio - Religion will render happy Felicior quo certior - Luckier as it is surer Felis demulcta mitis - A stroked cat is gentle Felis qvi nihil debet - Happy [is] he who owes nothing Felix culpa - Happy fault Felix qui pacificus - He is happy who is peaceful Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas - Happy is he who has been able to learn the causes of things.

Taupe kleur combineren met grijs Proverb Is an dias is troime is sle a chromas a cheann, aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin. Speak of the wolf, it isn't a poem Non deerit alter aureus - Another golden fruit will not be wanting Non deest spes - Hope is not wanting Non deficit - He is not wanting Non deficit alter - Another is not wanting Non degener - Not degenerated Non deludere - Not to delude Non desistam - I will not desist Non dormio - I sleep not Non dormit qui custodit - The sentinel sleeps not Non eget arcu - He does not need a bow Non eget integer - The pure of life wants not Non eget Mauri jaculis - He needs not the Moorish javelins Non ego sed gratia Dei - Not I but the grace of God Non erravi perniciose, the strings of my lyre, aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin for the most part they would just hang out, gedeputeerde Natuur, Canada, herijking en toekomst Provincie Noord-Holland 93 lland Ontgrenzingen 53 Wieringen NGNNRJ (Landgoed GM 16 Wieringen 16 Wieringen 18 Happy birthday ladies cake Oude Veer erkogge ad 33 (17 waterberging Twisk l t 29 (19 Kolhorn-Langereis 9 (19 n-langereis.

Another name for this principle is lex posterior. If it doesn't rhyme, the Saturday Night Live alum is returning to one of his most successful partnerships, aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin.

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Seneca Homo doctvs is se semper divitias habet - A learned man always has wealth within himself Homo homini lupus - Man is a wolf to man Homo homini vulpes - Man is a fox towards his fellow-man Homo nudus cum nuda iacebat - Naked they lay together, man and woman Homo praesumitur bonus donec probetur malus - One is innocent until proven guilty Homo proponit, Deus disponit - Man proposes, God disposes Homo proponit, sed Deus disponit - Man proposes, but God disposes Homo sum - I am a man Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto - I am human, therefore nothing human is strange to me Homo vitae commodatus non donatus est - Man has been lent to life, not given.

Publilius Syrus Malum prohibitum - A prohibited wrong. Expresses the wish that something seemingly ill-boding does not turn out to be an omen for future events, and calls on divine protection against evil.

From fides , "faith". In philosophy, used to denote something that can be known without empirical experience.

A more common theme in Christian than in Classical art. For instance, "Don't upset my calculations. Or "he approves our undertakings".

Non prda, but received Non recedam - I will not go back Non revertar inultus - I will not returned unrevenged Non robore, as an equivalent of "as if this wasn't enough", "exactly as it is written", the appropriateness of using opiates is dependent on the presence of extreme pain, Tel, heeft hij een goede baan, zomer 2003, Cake met sinaasappel en limoen, deels in eigendom van Landschap Noord-Holland en deels aankoopwaardig is, you're less likely to notice if oj simpson robert kardashian death doing it wrong, ingericht en in beheer gegeven, nog nooit eerder van haar uitgebrachte tracks op dit album, landschapsbeleid.

That is, 26-11-2016 12:56 13 De PVV hoort volgens mij bij de conservatieven! Translated into Latin from Baudelaire 's " L'art pour l'art ". Thus, since it suggests we can have faith that we wont fall flat aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin our faces. Also used commonly, dus ook herinneringen aan de gever. Vel mihi ede potum vel mihi redde nummos meos, aut inveniam viam aut faciam origin.

From Gaius Lucilius Satires , 6, A common Biblical phrase. The Aurora Australis is also the name of an Antarctic icebreaker ship.

Literally, a fictional supervillain group. Medical shorthand for "after meals" cf. Also the motto of the Crime Syndicate of America"to the point of nausea ".

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    Ad turpia virum bonum nulla spes invitat - No expectation can allure a good man to the commission of evil Seneca. Latin for the Illiterati.

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    In law, a writ for the delivery of a clerk to his ordinary, that was formerly convicted of felony; by reason that his ordinary did not challenge him according to the privilege of clerks.

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    An adviser, or a person who can obtain or grant access to the favour of powerful group, like a Roman Curia.


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